The Law IQ Event: Internship in field of Law of Tort

The Law IQ

The Law IQ is officially a law educational school that mainly provide law notes to law student. The main purpose behind opening the Law IQ is to teach various skills to Law Students. And The Law IQ usually held internship programs for Law Students to give them experience in the field of Law. The Law IQ works as a mechanism for Law Studnet who want to increase their think tank. The Law IQ provide so many internship programs and organize many events that help law student. Last time, The Law IQ organize an internship program in the field of Law of Tort. This program helps so many students to gain experience and they are also clear about some legal aspects of the Law of Torts.

Internship Program

Here, internships in the field of law are mainly for law students and lawyers, basically an internship is a specific period of work experience offered by law firms and law educational institutions for a limited time. In an internship mainly the intern learns how the work is done by the organization.

The internship is the most important branch for law students. So the Law IQ organizes an Internship program every month. In this Internship mainly intern learned many skills like article writing, legal research, how to find relevant case laws, etc. so these skills mainly help interns to write legal drafts too.

Tenure of Internship

The period of this Internship is One Month

Work During Internship

During this internship intern did the following Work:

Write an article
Do the legal research
Find out relevant case laws
Post the Article

Outcomes from the Internship

⇒ This Internship organized by our Organization The Law IQ helps so many interns to build or increase their writing skills in the field of law.

⇒ At the end of the internship, all the student is able to find out relevant case of a particular topic and also able to do legal research easily.

⇒ This internship gives lots of experience to the interns about leadership too.


After completing the internship, all the interns got their “Certificate of Internship”

Best Intern

All the Interns are divided into the following three divisions:

  1. A Division
  2. B Division
  3. C Division

here, each division has around 30 to 50 students, and all of the interns perform very well and in return, they learned so many skills like

Legal Research
Article Writing
How to read case laws! etc

There are so many good performers among the interns. so The Law IQ gives the following awards to the interns

Star Intern of the Bench

⇒ Miss. Khusi Garg was the Star Intern of the Bench.
⇒ She was from Delhi University

Top Three Interns of The Bench

⇒ Miss Niyashi got a 1st rank in the Internship
⇒ She is currently studying the UPES, Dehradun.
⇒ She has good command in the English and she was also selected as student-member in the Youtube Team.

⇒Miss Khusi Jain 2nd rank in the Internship Program.
⇒ She has good writing skills, she wrote so many good research paper for The Law IQ.

⇒ Miss. Lovely got 3rd rank in the Internship program in the field of Law of Torts.
⇒ She was also selected as student member in  the Youtube Team of The Law IQ.

Best intern of Division (One from each Division)

⇒ Miss Kanishka was the Star intern of  Division A
⇒ She performed very well and learned good skills during the internship.

⇒ Mr. Mukul is the Star Intern of Division B.
⇒ He has very good skills in article writing in the field of law and also writes so many articles but one of its published on

⇒ Mr. Simar Preet is the Star Intern of Division C.
⇒ He has good skills in communication and leadership.


Internship is the only way to gain practical knowledge about your field. The only way to be successful in the field of law is to do as many internships as possible, in return, you got more knowledge about your field.

The Law IQ is the best organization for Law Students who wanted to do internships in the field of Law. And main benefit to do an internship with the Law IQ is that you got free membership and also The Law IQ hired some talented interns in the team of the Law IQ.

If you want to do an internship with The Law IQ fill up this form→→→→ INTERNSHIP WITH THE LAW IQ

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