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If you are a law student or a lawyer, the most important thing for you is to stay updated with legal updates. Another important aspect is that you are preparing for any entrance exam like CLAT PG and also preparing for the judiciary then you also stay updated with legal aspects.

So as usual, The Law IQ comes with the Monthly Legal Update of month of May. In this article you get all most important legal aspect of the month of may.

This article covers

Recent Important Judgements,
Important enactments,
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Appoinment of New Union Minister for Law and Justice

Mr. Arjun R Meghwal has appointed as the new Union Minister for Law and Justice. So Mr. A R Meghwal will charge of the Ministry of Law and Justice. Previously Mr Kiren Riju was Union minister for Law and Justice. currently Mr Kiren Rijuji has responsibility of the Ministry of Earth Sciences.

Supreme court passed judgement relating to that sc can dissolve marrige by invoking article 142.

The judgement was given by the constitution bench of the apex court court passed judgement relating to dissolve marriage by invoking article 142.

Issue:- whether the Apex court of India can invoke article 142 to grant a divorce on a ground which is not statutory recognized.

Verdict:- The supreme court of India concluded that it can use its special power under article 142 of Constitution of India for grating a divorce on grounds of irretrievable marriage breakdown, even if it is not statutorily recognized. But court also held that seeking divorce directly through a writ petition is not permitted.

The court also ruled that it has the authority to waive the waiting period for divorce which is done under section 13B of Hindu Marriage Act.

Supreme court held that Delhi Govt Has Control Over “Services” Excluding Public Order, Police & Land.

In the case of Government of NCT of Delhi vs Union of India, 2023, Supreme court held that Delhi Govt Has Control Over “Services” Excluding Public Order, Police & Land.

Background: Divison bench of the apex court dealt with this matter in feb,2019. The issue is that who has control over “service” —- The Government of NCT of Delhi or The LG (Lieutenant Governor but the court gave a split verdict. In previous year this issue referred to the constitution bench of apex Court.

VERDICT → The Apex court of India clarified that the NCT of Delhi has the authority to execute and legislate administrative services within the National Capital, with the exception of land-related matters public order and police. Further, the Supreme Court also held that the Lieutenant Governor must adhere to the decisions of the Delhi government concerning services, except in cases relating to public order, land-related matters, and police.

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