Legal Literature: List of Famous Book in Field of Law

In this Article, The Law IQ brings with List of Famous books and their author in the field of Law. As we all know books play a very good role in sharpening our minds. So all these Books also play a good role in sharpening your legal mind. So, Now Let’s See Famous books and their authors in the field of Law.

Famous Books and their Authors

The Framing of India’s Constitution  Written By ⇒ B. Shiva Rao

We the Nation Written By ⇒ N.A. Palkhiwala

We the People Written By ⇒ N.A. Palkhiwala

Law & Literature Written By ⇒M.K. Gandhi

Roses in December Written By ⇒  M.C. Chagla

My Life-Law and Other ThingsWritten By ⇒ Motilal C. Setalvad

My Own Boswell Written By ⇒ M. Hidayatullah

Landmarks in the Law Written By ⇒ Lord Denning

What Next in the Law Written By ⇒ Lord Denning

Constitutional Law of India Written ByH.M. Seervai

Law in Changing Society Written By ⇒ W. Friedmann

Law in the Making Written ByC.K. Allen


The Province and Function of Law Written By ⇒ Julius Stone

International Law Written By ⇒ Oppenheim

The Law of Nations Written By ⇒ Brierly

The Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation Written By ⇒ Bentham

The Province of Jurisprudence Determined Written By ⇒ Austin

Das Kapital Written By ⇒ Karl Mark

Arthashatra Written By ⇒ Kautilya

All the President’s Men Written By ⇒ Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward

All the Prime Minister’s Men Written By ⇒ Janardhan Thakur

Hindu Civilisation Written By ⇒ J.M. Barrie

India Divided Written By ⇒ Rajendra Prasad

Constitution of India – Defaced and Defied Written By ⇒ N.A. Palkhivala

Candid Corner Written By ⇒ Abhishek singhvi

India from Curzon to Nehru and After  Written By ⇒ Durgadas

India China War Written By ⇒ Neville Maxwell

Indian Home Rule  Written By ⇒ M.K. Gandhi

Indo-Pakistan Conflict  Written By ⇒ Russel Brines

Freedom at Midnight  Written By ⇒ Larry Collins/ Dominique Lafiene

The Judgment  Written By ⇒ Kuldip Nayar

Men who killed Gandhi  Written By ⇒ Manohar Malgonkar

Mother India  Written By ⇒ Katherine Mayo

Muslim Dilema in India  Written By ⇒ M.R.A. Baig

My Truth Written By ⇒ Indira Gandhi 

My Experiments with Truth  Written By ⇒ Mahatma Gandhi

Non-violence in Peace and War Written By ⇒ Mahatma Gandhi

Prison Diary Written By ⇒ Jayaprakash Narain

The Republic  Written By ⇒ Plato

Revenue Stamp  Written By ⇒ Amrita Pritam

Song of India  Written By ⇒ Sarojini Naidu

Wealth of Nations  Written By ⇒ Adam Smith

Unhappy India  Written By ⇒ Lala Lajpat Rai

View from the UN Written By ⇒ U. Thant

War of India Independence  Written By ⇒ Vir Savarkar

War of the Worlds  Written By ⇒ H.G. Wells

We Indians  Written By ⇒ Khushwant Singh

Wonder That Was India  Written By ⇒ A.L. Bashaon

India Wins Freedom Written By ⇒ Maulana Azad

A Foreign Policy for India  Written By ⇒ I.K. Gujral

Communist Manifesto  Written By ⇒ Karl Marx

Conquest of Self  Written By ⇒ Mahatma Gandhi

Crime and Punishment  Written By ⇒ Kyodor Dostoevsky

Discovery of India  Written By ⇒ Jawaharlal Nehru

Grammar of Politics  Written By ⇒ H.J. Laski

Voice of Justice  Written By ⇒ Justice AR. Lakshmanan

A Call to Honour  Written By ⇒ Jaswant Singh


All these books are sharpening your legal mind and help to increase your legal reseaning, Most of these books are connected with Indian Legal History. And all these books give a idea of Why the society need a propere rules and regulation? and help to understand the concept of law.

Basically, This Articles take three books of Mahatma Gandhi which are these followingly:  My Experiment with Truth, Non-violence in peace and war and Conquest of self. These all books are connected with the society.

If  you want to gain a deep knowledge of the constitution of India you should have to read this following books of N.A Palkhiwala which gives you a basic history of the Indian Contstituition.

  1. We the Nation
  2. We the people
  3.  Constitution of India – Defaced and Defied.



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