Current affairs of the month March 2021

Current affairs of the month March 2023

Current affairs of the month March 2023 ⇒

Awards and recognition

Gandhi peace prize 2023-24

  • union culture ministry of India has announced the winners of the Gandhi peace prize for the years 2022 and 2023.

the Gandhi peace prize for 2022 was confirmed by the father of the nation Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Sultan.

the Gandhi Peace Prize is an annual award presented by the government of India since 1995 is open to all.

  • the jury for the Gandhi peace prize is Selected by the PM and chief justice of India and leader of opposition in the Lok sabha.

speaker Om Birla and the founder of Sulabh international bindeshwar Pathak were also part of the jury this year. The jury selects Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Oman’s late rural Sultan Qaboos for the Gandhi peace prize for 2020 and 2019 respectively.

Vyas Samman 2023

Current affairs of the month March 2023 ⇒ Hindi writer professor Sarad Pagare has been selected for Vyas Samman 2023 the Vyas Samman is given by the KK Birla Foundation for outstanding work in Hindi literature professor Sarad Pagare is awarded for his novel ‘ Patliputra ki sangria.

professor Sarad pagare is a well-known writer of Hindi literature and is regarded as one of the researchers, professors and scholar form of the historical past.

he has published 6 story collections and 5 novels so far his work has been translated into various regional languages.

67th National Film awards.

•National Film awards for the best film in 2022 were finally announced on 22 March.

The award ceremony was originally scheduled for May 2022 but it was delayed by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic the award is announced by the ministry of information and broadcasting.

The best actor Award was Shared between Manoj Bajpai for the Hindi film Bhosle and Dhanush for Tamil Film Asuran.

  • Kangana Ranaut the best actress award for her film Manikarnika and panga.

Grammy awards 2023.

Current affairs of the month March 2023 ⇒ the 63rd Grammy Awards were held in Los Angeles on 14th March the ceremony was hosted by Trevor Noah the ceremony was originally scheduled for 21st January but was delayed due to the pandemic.

Beyonce created Grammy history by breaking the record for most wins by a female artist on Taking the four awards this year total number 27 Grammys.

Taylor Swift became the first woman to win the album of the Year award at times after winning the album FOLKLORE.

National current affairs.

cabinet approves covid-19 vaccination for about 45 years.

meeting on 23rd march union cabinet announced covid-19 vaccination for everyone above 45 years of age starting from 1st April.

India has experienced more than 10,000 daily cases in the second wave Maharashtra, Punjab, Kerala, Karnataka Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are the worst affected in this round.

  • the government said that the decision to allow vaccination above 45 years of age will help millions of people.

government of NCT of Delhi Amendment Act 2023.

Current affairs of the month March 2023 ⇒ the government of the national capital territory of Delhi amendment Act 2021 received approval from the President of India.

the bill was recently passed by both houses of the parliament the latest bill amendment is an earlier act of 1991 and twice frameworks for the functioning of the Government of Delhi and legislative assembly.

the new act primary to Delhi’s lieutenant governor over the elected government

Government-approved fresh issuance of electoral bonds.

The bonds will be open for sale from 1st to 10th April decision from the finance minister come in the middle of the election season going on in West Bengal Assam Tamil Nadu Kerala and Pondicherry.

Haryana passes bill 75 % reservation for local and private jobs.

the governor of Haryana Satya dev Narayan Arya has given his approval to a bill providing 75% reservation in private sector jobs to locals while in the domain of the legislative assembly of Haryana has already passed in November last year.

↔ Haryana state employment of local candidate 2020 provide quota for local people in private-sector jobs that offer a salary of less than 50000 a month

International Current Affairs

1st Quad Leader’s Summit.

In-display of multilateral cooperation leader of country India, US, Japan and Australia meet for the first-ever quad on 12th March.

∴  The United States defence secretary-general Austin come to India on a three-day visit on 19th March to become the first top-level of newly elected Joe Biden cal mat visit India Austin meet Indian prime minister Modi defence minister Rajnath Singh and national security advisor Mr Ajit Doval.

  • the visit and that posting hi defence and security relation in the wake of going tennis activity in the Indo specific region.

PM Modi Bangladesh visit in his foreign visit after the covid-19 outbreak

PM Modi visited Bangladesh on 26th March PM Modi attended the golden jubilee celebration of Bangladeshi independence the Bangladesh nation day celebration also memory the birth centenary of the father of the nation of Bangladesh Bangla Bandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Business industry in the economy

National Bank of financing infrastructure and development in NABFID

The parliament of India has passed the bill on 25 March to set up the National bank for financing infrastructure and development the bills to establish a new Bank to support and fund long term infrastructure projects in the country.

↔ it also aims to develop the wants and deliver it market private market necessary for infrastructure financing USA become the second base biggest oil supplier to India united States.

DRDO Sindhu Netra satellite India played in space.

Current affairs of the month March 2023 ⇒ Indian space research organisation successfully landed Sindhu Netra satellite on 1st March The Hindu Netra surveillance satellite development by the defence research and development organisation DRDO.

♦ the state will be major boost India’s surveillance capability to monitor the activity of both work ship as well as merchant Navy ship satellite also carry out sorry villains in a specific area as such a South China sea or the privacy infested area near the African coast.

Russian launch 38 Satellite from 18 countries

in asterisk mission, Russia launch 38 Satellite from 18 different countries into orbit on 22 March the launch use Soyes 2.1 rocket the launch was postponed twice a year to technical issues the rocket contain Satellite from countries

⇒ like South Korea Japan Canada Saudi Arabia Germany Italy and Brazil, it also contains challenges which is the first satellite.

NASA’s Curiosity rover has an image of  Martian clouds

→ NASA curiosity rover which landed on Mars in 2012 has played a spectacular video of clouds moving on the rate planet the footage was captured in 2019 March using navigation cameras of the rover as per the export.

⊗ where is the martian atmosphere made of 96% carbon dioxide the atmosphere it is ready in making in difficult of quality of cloud to form in the wave to do on earth.

CA Bhavani Devi became the first Indian to qualify for Olympic

Bhavani Devi is a form Tamilnadu the daughter of the temple of Christ Christ at Chennai Bhanwari Devi school and battle in ECL finches failure to win India’s in to win India international gold medal in the sport.

  • when she won the women’s World Cup satellite tournament in 2022.

→ in 2023 won the gold in the commonwealth championship the first Indian to do in a tournament in 44 years of history become the first Indian woman to score 10000.

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