Managing Partners

Shahezad Shaikh (CEO & FOUNDER)

Designation:- Student at LJ School of Law

Email ID:- [email protected]

Shahezad Shaikh is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree B.B.A.L.L.B. from LJ School of Law. Shahezad Shaikh is the founder and CEO of The Law IQ.  Now, He is Student Chief Editor at Fluminare Law Journal.

Shaikh has done work for legal awareness in society. works for District Legal Service Authority, Ahmedabad. Shaikh has been a part of much legal awareness camping with DLSA. He is a part of many articles writing projects and assignments. He has deep knowledge of the formatting of the article.

Shaikh believes in one thing “try until you achieve.

Gulammayuddin (sahid) Shaikh (Co-founder & Digital Marketing Expert)

Designation:- Digital Marketer & Web Developer

Email:- [email protected]

Mayuddin Shaikh is a Freelance Digital Marketer of Google Adsense and an SEO Expert. He is a Co-Founder and Digital Marketing Expert at The Law IQ And He is also a CEO & Founder of Study Superior.

He Owns Multiple Websites and his Many Websites Are Approved By Google Adsense. Mayudddin Shaikh completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application From Kadi Sarva Vishwavidhyalaya University, Gandhinagar. He Started His career in 2019 as a freelancer. Now he is a Digital Marketer and Google Adsense Expert He is Also a Web Developer.

The motivation of His Life is “Never Give Up In Any Situation”