What are the Laws Rules that govern Meat Shops or Stalls?

What are the Laws Rules that govern Meat Shops or Stalls?

What are the Laws Rules that govern Meat Ans ⇒ Meat shop refers to the shop that does not kill the animal but sells the meat? There are rules that regulate such outlets. The Bureau of Indian Standard rules deals with the basic requirements for a stall for the sale of meat of small and large animals.

• It is the norm to be followed for licensing and regulating the sale of meat and maintenance of hygienic conditions of the meat stall.

It states that-

What are the Laws Rules that govern Meat → All meat stalls can only be set up in designated places, as a unit of a meat market and shall be located at a place away from vegetable or other food markets

  • The meat shall be free from undesirable odour, smoke, dust or other   

The main services, such as potable water supply, electricity and proper hygienic sewage disposal facilities are essential prerequisites

A block shall consist of a number of meat stalls and shall be enclosed in compound walls that barricades entry of dogs, cats, birds and other undesirable elements into the block.

  • Each block shall be provided with a potable water storage supply tank with taps to facilitate withdrawal of water by meat stalls

A meat stall shall consist of a meat preparation room, sales counter or ante-room and covered passage in front or a verandah for customers.

The meat preparation room may be of minimum 3.75 x 3m x3m for small animals and 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 m for large animals depending on the stock

  • Screened ventilators shall be provided near the ceiling for facilitating cross ventilation

⇒ Care should be taken that no direct sunlight falls on the dressed carcasses.

The room shall suitably be made fly-proof and provided with fly-traps

  • The floors of all the rooms shall be of such construction that easy washing and cleaning with water is possible.

A covered passage protected from the rain and sun shall be provided in the meat stall for the customers

  • Each stall shall be provided with a water tap.

The Knives, tools, and hooks used shall be of stainless steel.

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