Tort Of Law Quiz Part-1

Tort Of Law Quiz Part-1There are numerous specific torts including trespass, assault, battery, negligence, products liability, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. There are also separate areas of tort law including nuisance, defamation, invasion of privacy, and a category of economic torts.

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Tort Of Law

Tort Of Law Part-1

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1) Which one of the following groups are required by law to be insured?

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2) What main element differentiates the crime of battery from the tort of battery?


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3) Which of the following is not a defence to trespass to the person?

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4) Torts are grounded in the concept of

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5) Which of the following court cases involves a tort?

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6) What is the essential difference that makes the crime of assault differ from the tort of assault?

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7) A written statement that damages someone’s reputation is not considered libel if it is never communicated to another person than the person who wrote the statement.  In other words, the person who wrote the statement never showed it to anyone.

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8) Which of the following is the main alternative to tort, for the provision of compensation…

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9) What the Injuries Board is…

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10) Which one of the following interests are not protected by the law of tort?

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