Legal Updates of the Day (24-4)

Important Legal Updates of the Day

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Date:- 24-4-2022  (Sunday)

→ Ad Hoc Employee cant be Replaced by the Another Ad Hoc Employee; But can be replaced Only by  Regular Employee →  Supreme Court.

Employers cant dispute  Employees Date of Birth at Fag End of their Service→ Supreme Court

Supreme Court Asks BCI to Examine Amicus Suggestion to provide Incentive To senior Lawyers to Induct Newly Enrolled Advocates.

→’Peaceful Agitation Citizen’s Fundamental Rights’→Mumbai Court Acquits 5 Woman Who Protested For Water Supply.

Default Bail-  Merely Because Court were closed for Holidays, Prosecution cant get benefit  for  Filing Charge-sheet after expiry of Stipulated time: Rajasthan High Court.

→Evidence of Witness cant be disbelieved on the ground of Minor contradiction in Testimony: Allahabad High Court Uphold Murder Conviction.

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