Indian Contract act Quiz Part-6

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Indian Contract act Quiz Part-6

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A promises to pay B a sum of money if a certain ship returns within a year. The Contract may be enforced if the ship returns with the year, and becomes___ if the ship is burnt within the year.

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Chapter___, of the Contract Act, deals with the consequences of breach of contracts

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A person to whom money has been paid or anything delivered by mistake or under coercion

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A makes a contract with B to buy B's horse if A survives C. This contract cannot be enforced by law

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When there is a breach of contract the party aggrieved by the breach is entitled to

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Section___ of the Contract Act deals with enforcement of contract contingent on an event happening

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Reciprocal promises should be performed

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Agreements contingent on impossible events are

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Coercion, Fraud and misrepresentation makes a contract

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Section 51, of the Contract Act, 1872 deals with the performance of

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