Bipin Rawat passed Away

General Bipin Rawat was passed away on the 8 December,2021

The Pillar of An Indian Army Bipin Rawat passed Away

→ General Bipin Laxman Singh Rawat is born on sixteen March 1958. General Mr Rawat was a four-star general of our Indian Army. He was appointed as CDS of India. He was appointed on 30 December 2019 as the first CDS of India.

• General Bipin Rawat Served as fifty-seventh and last Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee. He was the 26th chief army officer of the Indian Army.

What is CDS?

  • CDS full form is Chief of Defense Staff. This position was integrating India’s three services.
  1. The Army
  2. the Navy and
  3. the Air Force.

• General Bipin Rawat died in the crash of an Indian Air Force Mi-17 helicopter in Tamil Nadu on 8th December. He was accompanied by his wife and members of his personal staff

Accident Circumstance

→ On the day of the accident, General Bipin Rawat visited a Defense Services Staff College, Wellington (Nilgiri Hills). Mainly go to give a speech to the faculty and student officers of the Staff Course today. Around noon of the day, an IAF Mi 17 V5 helicopter with a crew of 4 members carrying the CDS and 9 other passengers met with a tragic accident near Coonoor, Tamil Nadu.

Following people die in this unfortunate accident,

  • Gen Bipin Rawat,
  • Mrs Madhulika Rawat (wife of the Bipin Rawat) and
  • 11 other persons on board.

→ These 13 people included CDS Bipin Rawat died in this unfortunate accident Group Capt Varun Singh SC, Directing Staff at DSSC who had more injuries, he is under treatment at Military Hospital, Wellington.

Bipin Rawat played a very good role in the development of the Indian army and he successfully held many surgical strikes.

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