Fabricating False Evidence


Section 192 of Indian Penal Code stated that. # Fabricating False Evidence

Whoever causes any circumstance to exist

makes any false entry in any book or record, or electronic record or makes any document or electronic record containing a false statement,

intending that such circumstance, false entry or false statement

may appear in evidence

in a judicial proceeding/proceeding taken by law before a public servant/an arbitrato.

, and that such circumstance, false entry or false statement, → appearing in evidence

So In Result

may cause any person who in such proceeding is to form an opinion upon the evidence

to entertain an erroneous opinion touching any point material to the result of such proceeding is said “to fabricate false evidence”.

Lets Understood this

  • Fabricating false evidence means to create a evidence which may appear in to court of law and any others legal proceeding and cause of this evidence a court and authorities make an erroneous opinion.
  • In easy way Fabricating false evidence means create a false entry or false statement which is appear in Legal or judicial proceeding.

Essentials of fabricating false evidence

Cause any circumstances to exist; or
Makes any false entry in any book or record etc containing a false statement ;
Intending that this false statement and false evidence may as evidence in

Judicial proceeding, or

Proceeding taken by Public Officer

 An arbitrator; and
This evidence and statement create an erroneous opinion
This Evidence Touching any point material to the result of such proceeding.

These are the main elements of fabricating false evidence, If any one element is missing then the person is not liable for this offence.

There is a shopkeeper ‘X’ whose shop is in Lucknow and he pretends that his shop was open on 20th May 2019 although his shop was closed. He shows in his book entry that his shop was open.

However, on that day ‘X’ went to Delhi and committed the crime of extortion. When Police investigate it he shows his book entry as evidence. This would qualify as fabricating false evidence.


Ramesh puts jewels into a box belonging to Aakash, with the intention that they may be found in that box, and that this circumstance may cause Aakash to be convicted of theft. Ramesh has fabricated false evidence.

Suraj makes false entries into the shop book for using it in court for evidence thise false entry knows as Fabricating False evidence.

  • Faiz has the intention of causing Raiyan to be convicted for a criminal conspiracy. So that Faiz writes a lettern in Raiyan’s handwriting. This letter is related to crime. Faiz puts the letter in a place which he knows that the officers of the police are likely searching raiyan.


Section 192 of the IPC mainly deals with Fabricating false evidence means creating a false entry in to any document which appears in the court of law and other legal proceedings.

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